Design process

La Diantenne (V.2)

In May 2025 I built a completely new La Diantenne: version 2. Aiming to include all the experience by building and playing version 1 and implementing knowledge from research have grown me and the instrument a lot.

La Diantenne V2 from Dianne Verdonk on Vimeo.

La Diantenne V.1

This self-built electronic instrument is an interface which is becoming able to translate my personal musical expressions. Having a background as a cello- and doublebass player, I’ve created the first version of La Diantenne: an instrument with only string. This string does not vibrate, but is able to close a current cirquit with a variable voltage as output. This output is converted to digital data (Arduino). I use this data to influence musical parameters and structures.

La Diantenne v.1 worked with my voice as input, a pitchtracker and a grainsynthesizer in SuperCollider. I have recently dismounted the instrument because the rubber I used was worn out too much, and not reliable enough. I might remake La Diantenne v.1 and give it another name since La Diantenne v.2 has become the ‘the real La Diantenne’.

The video below contains a short impression of how la Diantenne worked and how it sounded (improv, June 2014).

La Diantenne – a receiver of my intentions from Dianne Verdonk on Vimeo.

There are a few reviews about Diantenne v.2 by Steve Benford and 3voor12.